2FD 004: Cut Back on Your Transportation Costs

Your transportation costs are too high and it’s time to reflect on what you really need!

Do you have more car then you need? Can you change your work hours? Do you know how to ride a bike?

There are many options for transportation to play with and taking the time to make your commute more efficient can significantly help your budget. CHA-CHING!

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Discussion Points

  • The true cost of your commute.
  • The costs of owning vehicles you don’t need.
  • The adventures of owning only one vehicle.
  • Public transportation options.
  • Using a bike for cost and health reasons.
  • Options for emergency transportation.
  • How to save on your parking costs.
  • It’s not cool to have a nice car if there’s a loan attached to it.
  • The more expensive the car, the more expensive to repair it.
  • Avoiding the stealership.
  • Learning to do your own maintenance.
  • How to find parts for your vehicle.
  • Being realistic about saving on gas prices.
  • Don’t drive like a lunatic!
  • Talking to your boss to change your hours or work from home a few days.
  • Getting a vehicle that is economical for your lifestyle.
  • Filling up your tank as a priority before dining out.
  • Don’t solve problems that don’t exist yet. Upgrade with your life.
  • The money you’re throwing away when you lease a vehicle.
  • How old of a vehicle to buy.
  • Car loans are stupid.

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