2FD 022: Unshakeable Book Study Part 2

Are you scared of the stock market?

Some of us need facts, math and history examples to build confidence in making decisions and Tony Robbins provides us that with his Freedom Facts in Chapter 2. Your biggest danger is being on the sidelines and letting inflation eat away at your money.

Market crashes happen regularly and you need to be prepared to weather the storms with a solid plan. CHA-CHING!

Tune In Now!

Discussion Points

  • Saving for the college you can afford
  • Winter is coming, but when?
  • 7 facts to free us from fears of crashes and corrections in the stock market.
  • A correction is when the market drops 10%.
  • A bear market is when the market drops 20%.
  • Corrections are followed by intense periods of growth.
  • The greatest danger is being out of the market.
  • Dollar cost averaging vs. lump sum investing.
  • Corrections happen every year on average but don’t always turn into bear markets.
  • No one can predict consistently if the market will go up or down.
  • On average, bear markets happen every 3-5 years.
  • When the stock market is up, interest rates on mortgages go down.
  • What happens if the market goes down? …It will go back up.

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