2FD 027: Surviving Early Retirement

Thinking about Early Retirement?

Early Retirement Dude from http://EarlyRetirementDude.com/ has joined us to share his experience of early retirement since he left the system almost 12 years ago at the age of 36. How will you know when to pull the trigger and get through the turmoil that will happen?

Tune in for some great first-hand advice and learn about road bumps to expect along the way. CHA-CHING!

Tune In Now!

Discussion Points

  • Avoiding the Suit and Tie
  • Maximizing your income with promotions while maintaining your standard of living.
  • Millennials aspiring to work in cubicles.
  • Making the call to start early retirement.
  • Riding out market crashes.
  • Surprises that will happen.
  • The Early Retirement community.
  • Delaying gratification to build up a nest egg.
  • Understanding what retirement means to you.
  • Advice for someone thinking about pursuing Early Retirement.
  • Early Retirement is a serious, life changing decision.
  • Monty Burns’ words of wisdom!

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