2FD 032: The Psychology of Investing

Do you know how your brain affects investing?

As we wrap up our book study of Unshakeable by Tony Robbins, the book closes out with addressing the cognitive biases that affect investing and how to control them.

Your brain can really take control of your emotions based on what you’re consuming which affects how easily you let fear take over. It’s important to also understand the long term goals of investing and recognize what ultimately makes you happy, even if you had enormous wealth. More often than not, giving to others and philanthropy produces the fulfillment we all seek. CHA-CHING!

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Discussion Points

  • Developing systems to control your cognitive biases and remove human error form investing.
  • The 6 Money Mistakes people make and the solutions to avoid them.
  • The Science to Achievement through focus, taking massive action and grace.
  • Living a fulfilling life through continuous growth and giving.
  • Being mindful of the present moment and staying in a happy state of mind.
  • Closing thoughts on Unshakeable.
  • Frugal Tip of The Week: Renting out timeshares on Craigslist instead of using a hotel.

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