2FD 036: Blogging as a Side Hustle with J. Money

Have you considered starting a blog to bring in some side income?

J. Money from http://rockstarfinance.com and http://budgetsaresexy.com/ has joined us to share the pros and cons of blogging after years of experience buying and managing them over the years. He lets us know what has worked for him and what he’s picked up on about successful blogs.

Learn how to start making money with a blog and the steps to hopefully make it successful. CHA-CHING!

Tune In Now!

Discussion Points

  • How J. Money fell into blogging.
  • Identifying blogs to purchase where you can still keep the writer around to produce content.
  • How to make money on a blog.
  • Drawing the line between running a business and sticking to what you stand for.
  • The industries where blogs do well.
  • The importance of collaboration with other bloggers.
  • The quickest way to start a blog.
  • Understanding that owning a blog is a commitment that requires consistency.
  • Blogging ultimately just takes time.
  • Collecting metrics from day 1.
  • The importance of social media but focusing on one channel to do really well on.
  • Frugal Tip of The Week: Getting started with podcasting as a side hustle if you prefer blogging with your voice.

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  • was a fun show! thanks for having me on 🙂

    • Sean Merron

      Great to have you J!!! Thanks for sharing the awesome insight!