2FD 057: Getting Started With Real Estate Investing

Our Guest

Eric Bowlin, a 31 year old financially independent real estate investor who shares his secrets through IdealREI.com.

Discussion Points

  • How Eric got started with Real Estate investing.
  • The different ways to invest in real estate.
  • The difference between passive real estate investing and being an active real estate investor.
  • The average returns to expect from real estate investing.
  • How to use leverage (debt) to increase real estate returns.
  • The expenses to keep an eye on in real estate investing.
  • Real Estate scams and seminars to be aware of.
  • The value in finding a real estate coach.
  • The time and money commitment with real estate investing.
  • The biggest mistakes people make when getting started with real estate investing.
  • How to Get Started with Real Estate Investing.
  • How to trade your books with other people online.

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