2FD 058: Experiencing Freedom Before Financial Freedom

Our Guest

Ryland King from TheHiddenGreen.com where he’s helping people get their financial life in order so they can stay focused on life’s adventures.

Discussion Points

  • Why Ryland started caring about financial freedom after realizing doing what he was supposed to do didn’t come with a golden ticket.
  • Financial Freedom by the numbers vs. Financial Freedom with your confidence.
  • How to live an awesome life on the quest towards Financial independence.
  • Why you shouldn’t eat rice and beans.
  • How to get other people interested in Financial Freedom.
  • Why it’s OK if a material item is what you love in life.
  • The peace of mind that comes along with a Financial Freedom plan.
  • How to stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Why Financial Freedom is for all income levels.
  • The first step to take to get started towards Financial Freedom.
  • How to automatically apply promo codes to your online checkouts.

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