2FD 060: Managing Your Own Finances, Being Poor vs. Broke, Investment Expenses, Immigration Challenges and Roth 401Ks

Our Guest

Valentine Nde from Plenteouz.com.

Discussion Points

  • How expense ratios affect your investment returns.
  • Valentine’s personal finance journey as an immigrant from being poor in Cameroon, Africa, going broke with the debt opportunites in America and now debt-free, managing his own investments.
  • What it’s like to be poor.
  • The challenges immigrants face with debt and entering a country where building credit is a new concept to them.
  • Saving half of your family’s income.
  • Why you should manage your own finances.
  • Frugal dieting and workout tips for your new years resolution.
  • Traditional vs. Roth 401Ks.

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