2FD 096: Coder Cruise and Frugal Cruise Hacks

On this episode of 2 Frugal Dudes, we’ll hear about CoderCruise, Kevin’s experience there, and some frugal cruise hacks.

Kevin and Swift Kick

For those who don’t know, Kevin owns the company Swift Kick and provides personal and corporate software training packages.
Kevin started his business by building a brand while working another full-time job. He did this by writing articles for various businesses and getting his name out there. Over time, this evolved into a passion for sharing his knowledge through training. Additionally, Kevin works on software development and implementation for clients as the need arises.
Work continues at Swift Kick to offer one-on-one coaching to aspiring developers and consultants.

All About CoderCruise

Kevin has just returned from CoderCruise which is, as the name implies, a conference at sea. Specifically, it took place in the Bahamas. Kevin did two talks on CoderCruise, including one about Mastermind Groups.
Kevin said that the conference was really well planned so that participants gained lots of knowledge in addition to having time to explore. This experience was quite different from his previous cruise, which was through Royal Caribbean— it was quite a party scene. CoderCruise was through Carnival.

Diamonds, Expenses, and Excursions

There are a lot of upsells on a cruise. One of the common ones that’s hyped up by cruise lines is diamonds being more affordable. Have you been on a cruise? Share your thoughts on whether the cheap diamonds are real or hyped up.
The cruise also offered an all-inclusive package for around $60 per person per day to cover all alcohol for cruisers. Kevin opted out and ended up paying $30 for himself and his wife for the trip. It is worth considering the deal for bottomless soda, which is often as expensive as an alcoholic drink.
The one upsell Kevin paid for was the premium wifi. Even so, the wifi was lackluster at best. Something to consider when you go on a cruise and have to work. It’s also worth purchasing all packages in advance as they increase the price when you’re on board.
One upsell worth considering is a “fast pass” package that allows you to check in early as well as get priority luggage. That upgrade was around $50.

Where Our Money Went

Kevin just signed a new client which happens to be a very large, recognizable organization that will remain unnamed. His money came from that, rather than going out.
Sean’s money went toward his dog, who had had two ACL repairs in addition to other health issues related to aging. This has all cumulated in more expensive vet bills, medicine, and supplies.

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