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Join the Free Kick Start Your First Million in 5 Days Challenge

So many people talk about this thing called your “financial journey.”  But what does that even mean?

You see people driving the brand new cars.

You see people in the half-million dollar houses.

You see people “killing it” and they seem to have it all together.  Their financial journeys have progressed to this awesome point.

But you’re still sitting on the “Go” square of the Monopoly © board waiting for your turn.  And when it is your turn, you’ve hit Boardwalk with a hotel on it.

I’m gonna drop some truth on you

These folks “killing it” are in a world of hurt and their financial journey is paved with lies.  Instead of a six-figure net worth, they have six-figure debt.  Their $70k BMW is really a lease that’s over on its mileage.  The half-million dollar house has a crippling mortgage.

I’m going to tell you another thing.  Most of these folks don’t have money in a savings account.  They have no retirement outside of whatever goes into their 401k. And they’re definitely not on the fast track towards their first million! 

Let’s not worry about them though.  Let’s kickstart YOUR financial journey and get you to your first million, FASTER!

The most common thing we hear on our podcast from our guests is “I wish I would have invested earlier.” Why? Because they know the power of compound interest and how much quicker they could have achieved their first million.

That’s why we’re doing this FREE challenge! To help you make a few crucial steps to get you on the right path towards becoming a millionaire. You can do it and we’ll show you how!

What’s in the challenge?

This will be a 5-day LIVE challenge July 6-10th where we will teach you the critical steps to kick start your first million and get you on the highway to financial independence. We’ll challenge you with:

  • Discovering the quick money opportunities around you.
  • Taking steps to grow your net worth.
  • Investing towards your first million.

Again, this event will be LIVE! So you must show up and be ready to participate! Plus, you’ll have access to us, THE 2 FRUGAL DUDES! We’ll be there to answer questions and give you actionable takeaways each night.

  • We’ve made the changes in our life to achieve financial independence without living on rice and beans. 
  • We’ve changed thousands of lives with our podcast for the better.
  • We’ve been doing our podcast for almost 4 years now with over half a million downloads!
  • Heck, Sean even wrote a book on retiring early!

We feel we can relate to other middle class, hard working people like yourself, because we’re in the same shoes! We’ve been grinding it out for years and can speak at the same level, without fancy financial jargon to get in the way.

If you take action on the steps we give you in the challenge, you’ll be well on your way to your first million. You’ll know how to achieve your financial goals faster and walk away confident in your first million action plan.

What are you waiting for? It’s FREE!!

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-2 Frugal Dudes