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How Blue Collar Workers Can Achieve the American Dream

2 Frugal Dudes May 26, 2020 165

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    How Blue Collar Workers Can Achieve the American Dream
    2 Frugal Dudes

Episode 180: Learn how blue collar workers can achieve the American Dream without a college degree. We’re talking about financial independence and the five steps to achieving your goals.

Tips for Allocating Your Salary

The first step in allocating your salary is to shift your mindset. Train yourself to forget about a percentage of the money you earn, using automation to allocate it toward a high-interest savings account before it hits your account. Thanks to compound interest, every little bit counts and your retirement will be covered.

How to Find Comfort, Peace, and Freedom at any Level

To achieve comfort, peace, and freedom at any income level is to identify what you want your life to look like. What’s your why? What’s the thing that drives you and keeps you moving forward?

If you can start visualizing what you want your life to look like (even going as far as to create a vision board) you can identify what will bring you comfort, peace, and freedom. Drill down into the minutia and start to make a plan.

Begin with the end in mind.

Five Steps for Achieving Any Goal

Take a Second to Congratulate Yourself

The first step is acknowledging the decision you’ve made. Congratulating yourself can help trigger a mindset shift. Picture yourself as a winner and pursue that image.

Make Your Goal Crystal Clear

Make your goal as clear as possible. Get into the finer details and cover all your bases. Be proactive in considering potential barriers.

Build the Goal with Certainty

Break your goal into pieces. If your timeline is a year, break it into traceable goals for the months, weeks, and days ahead. Breaking it into small, actionable steps makes it easier to move forward.

Make Your Goal Automatic

Use automation to reach your goal. For financial goals, you can go to your payroll officer and have them put money aside off each paycheck. You can set an automatic transfer to move money to an account you can reach on the day you get paid.

Remove your human nature from the equation, and embrace the idea of setting it and not sweating it.

Share Your Goal

Now it’s time to tell people about your goal. This will create accountability. Build a support team that will remind you of your goals and what you’re working toward.

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Disclaimer: Kevin and Sean are not professional financial advisors. Do not take any advice they give without first speaking with a professional and performing your own due diligence. This post may include affiliate links.

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